1. Pocket Ashtray
    2. Pocket AshtrayWe supply the most diverse types in the market which are over 30 product models differing in material and shape. The portability of the product provides the possibility to handle pollutants such as cigarette ash and butt anytime and anywhere, so as to keep the environment clean.
    1. Car Smokeless Ashtray
    2. Car Smokeless AshtrayCustomized product. Different automobiles have different requirements on shape and size of the product. Therefore, our efforts are firmly focused on manufacturing the suitable product on the basis of clients’ application needs.
      Superior heat resistance.
    1. Cigarette Case
    2. Cigarette CaseIn many countries, there are unpleasant warning signs printed on the packages of cigarettes. In order to get rid of these annoying signs, our cigarette case is the perfect option, for customers can put either the whole package or only cigarettes into the product.
    1. Disposable Electronic Cigarette
    2. Disposable Electronic CigaretteThe battery is good for as many as 200 to 800 puffs depending on the battery capacity. Generally, the disposable electronic cigarette, which has the same size with traditional one, contains 200 to 300 puffs. The product in larger size normally has 500 to 800 puffs.
    1. Rechargeable E-Cigarette
    2. Rechargeable E-CigaretteNowadays, these two parts are compressed into one single unit that is called the cartomizer. The compacted object offers out product more stable performance. In addition, the recharge is conducted through USB or socket. The battery can be charged over 300 times.
    1. EGO E Cigarette
    2. EGO E CigaretteThe EGO e cigarette is the inevitable outcome of the increasing demand from smokers. This new product is fitted with larger cartridge, larger battery capacity and more durable atomizer. There are various types such as EGO-T, EGO-W and newly invented CE4.
    1. Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins
    2. Wall Mounted Cigarette BinsThe smoking bans are becoming more and more strict. As a result, the demand for wall mounted cigarette bin is getting larger and larger in the public areas such as restaurants, bars and hotels. Our product has high weather resistance and extensive applications.
    1. Freestanding Cigarette Bins
    2. Freestanding Cigarette BinsLarger capacity. This product can hold more cigarette butts.
      More flexible. The freestanding cigarette bin can either be fixed on the ground, or be movable. It brings no harm to building walls.